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Rant: The new Olympics London 2012 logo...
I dont' know if anyone has read about this, but since I live in the UK I find it quite unbelievable that the tax payer had to fork out £400,000 for what is essentially cr*p.

To compare and contrast, let's start with the logo that won London the actual bid to host the Olympics in 2012.

[Image: london1.jpg]

Now, let's move onto the 'brand new design'
[Image: olympic_logo_390x220.jpg]

which comes in 4 shades of (ugh) Neon and is supposed to be the heart and soul of the brand. It's supposed to show 2012 - but I mean, until someone pointed that out, I really couldn't see that it was anything resembling London/Olympics - aside from the (required) Olympics logo and 'London'.

Even if they don't bring back the old logo, there are plenty of others far better that have been submitted here:


Dear everyone, sorry about the rant!
(p/s: The first image is from 38one.com and the second from Creativematch.co.uk)

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