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BACK-ON icons by Kewliopenguin
perhaps its a joke only peoples that have known back-on forever would understand....
oh. well that's not me! Big Grin
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
Well... it's not actually that mysterious Tongue

BACK-ON is read as 'baku-on' and the kanji is 爆音, which is the sound of an explosion or an explosive sound.

Never thought about this before, but this is the Japanese version of an Onomatopoeia?
i dunno, i knew what baku on meant but its just i dont get how its funny....
lol of course you don't edward.
but neither do i..
but i think it's funny that they think it's funny, so it turns funny.
but what isn't funny is that i broke my earphones today .__.
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
Not quite sure how to explain it myself (don't have the same way with words as the other peeps on this forum Big Grin) but maybe it's one of those random things that suddenly click/don't click (much like the humour on 30 Rock - I'm finding) - so long as it makes you happy/laugh/not cry... :p

Sorry to hear about your earphones, kan/smilez! I would be gutted if my ear phone were to break (so far so good) I hope you get some nice replacements soon though. Do you have a particular model in mind?

I think we are witnessing a mini-explosion of talent already - onto topic of talented artists who are BACK-ON fans Smile
LOL. thanks for the sorrow? flick. hahaha
buttt, i don't think i'll be using earphones anytime soon,
i'm not allowed,
conch piercing today.
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
i dont want a piercing although for some reason every "cool" asian guy in my school has at least one earing for some reason... like seriously every asian thats cool has like a fake diamond earing (i mean the diamond is fake, not that the earing is fake)
and my original earphones broke too, the connection wouldn't work so i had to use the ones that came with my phone, which are the earplug kind. asgood quality as they are, they ruin my hearing which is soooo important to me as a violin player since we rely solely on hearing and feeling to find the notes, and as i have almost perfect pitch (just a teensy bit off sometimes, when the note gets too high) i really hate using these earphones...
I have to admit I sometimes do wonder about guy ear piercings - not every guy can carry it off Smile

@Edward: I'd love to have perfect pitch! If anyone ever wants off-pitch, they can always rely upon me to give them the wrong note Tongue

Perhaps we should continue our earphone discussions on another thread, since this one is about the icons by Kewliopenguin Smile
ya i agree

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