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CHAIN tabs and video
TABS comming soon. just recorded the video of my guitar cover here

Back-On Chain Guitar Cover Video
that's cool! i'm pretty sure a lot of members will be looking forward to this. i wish i could play my guitar... hmmm maybe i can use this to learn? Smile
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I would be proud if you started playing guitars because of me lol.

I finished the tab , I'm just planning maybe making a video of me playing this.

There a lot of people on youtube who did this song but none of them are accurate as mine is so...Tongue

It won't be long...nice to meet you Kamille Tongue
by the way you can all look at my guitar cover.
Oooh, good video! Big Grin Have to say you make it look 'simple'. I was thinking of learning the guitar at some point, but have discovered that I have no talent.Why Ganbatte ichi!

There was a discussion about guitar tabs quite a while ago (here) and it's awesome that we have a new member(s) who can also play the guitar so well!
I don't know how to play a guitar.
in fact, I would like to learn how to play an electric bass.

Nice video, maelstrom x3
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