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flower - Piano version
Piano version of flower by Se7enSt6r


I really like it, even though I think it's a little faster than the original Smile Unfortunately embedding is disabled.
O.O ooohhh I wanna ask that person if he/she can let me borrow the music sheets...ish want, ish want!
@Sesshy: That would be amazing! Big Grin I did see your comment on the video, and theoretically, if he plugged his electronic keyboard into some music notation software (I think?) he could quite easily generate a score from what he's playing.

I would love to be able to play music just by ear...

p/s: Watched one of those semi-documentary things on Vanessa Mae where she also did a listening test, where she listens to 3 notes being played on the violin, and one is of a slightly different tone (ie played on another violin) and when they compared the charts, her limit was 0.9% difference, whereas a 'normal' person was at least in the 50%s.
oh i want to learn how to play to!!!!!! that would be sooo awesome!!!!!!! i think i can play by ear, kinda... or at least if the song was played on the piano and/or violin not if its vocals or some other instument though, ive tried numerous back-on songs but it just comes out wrong, hopefully i can learn this one !!!!!
I'll listen to it one more time and I'll try to play it with a flute x3
Maybe I can... :B
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Good luck with that, Yuki! Smile I know Edward is a violin player... a duet perhaps?
nice one i love it
do you have the music sheet as well

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