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V Festival 2007 Toronto Canada
They are still compiling a list of Artists that are going to appear in Toronto but so far the biggest names right now are;

Smashing Pumpkins
Amy Winehouse
Tokyo Police Club
Arctic Monkeys

Tix are 189 bucks for 2 days on September 8th-9th

Man I wish they'd show case more indie talent because it will help some bands get over and create a buzz......

Last year I swear a bunch of kids kinda ruined it because I think they thought it was just going to be strictly a Rock show..... I couldn't believe they booed Gnarls Barkley (Amazing creativity these guys have with their album).... I kinda flipped out on these kids.I think they only came to see Alexisonfire only unfortunately. I have nothing against the band though....

Hopefully more open minded people will come.....

Damn I wish Back-On would get an invite for this because I'd like to see more international flavour...... That and I hope the get that exposure they need... last year about 50,000 people came out for the 2 day show.....
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Ooh, they've got Amy Winehouse and the Arctic Monkeys! Big Grin That's pretty good! I did hear that both artists (and other Brit bands) are making a good headaway across the pond Smile I agree that it would be great if they could invite Back-on, 50,000 in 2 days is a fantastic way of making Back-on famous!

The Gnarl's Barkley single (can't remember the title suddenly Big Grin) stayed in the charts for ages in UK last year I think - quite a few weeks were spent at number one ^^ Alas I haven't heard of Alexisonfire...

Maybe it's worth writing to them? Smile Thanks for this post - it's inspiring me to me lookup potential 'gig hot spots' in the UK as well! Big Grin
!!! I so want to go...but couldn't afford it anyway plus I'm probably going to be at Afest for that weekend ^^; Does anyone have any idea of what Back-on is planning or wanting to perform at?

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