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RE: Music page updated - XEROS - 11-19-2008

Wow, I've been looking all over for New World. Thanks!

RE: Music page updated - Spitfire - 12-12-2008

When I entered to the site for the first time, I found that I'm missing some songs (looking at the discography). I'm missing 5 songs if I remember well.

Anyways, when are you going to re-update it, Flick? ^^

RE: Music page updated - Flick - 12-18-2008

I have to admit the discography did take a little while to compile, although BACK-ON's official website (the old old version) was a very helpful source to reference!
The plan is to update it 'soon' although I'm banking on the Christmas holiday period (short break alas) to actually do some proper updating! Smile