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Japan-bound...? - Flick - 04-28-2007

I remember reading that quite a few of our forum members are bound for Japan sometime soon, but apart from one or two names, I can't quite remember who is! So hope people don't mind posting again if they are travelling there Smile Thankies ^^

RE: Japan-bound...? - ichi - 04-28-2007

well me and my friends hope on going to japan next year. as sort of a before we graduate from high school kinda thing. its not planned and set yet though so... i also have relatives who live there so mebe i can skip the whole friends trip thing and just go visit family =D

RE: Japan-bound...? - Flick - 04-28-2007

Travelling with friends is a good plan but then one always has to find some place to stay Smile I really wish my friends were as up for Japan as I am (well, they are but not during the summer at the moment) At least you've got the choice of either Wink

RE: Japan-bound...? - ookami - 05-05-2007

I want to go and live in Japan. If not then at least stay for two weeks. It'll be fun, tho i really have to learn my japanese first. -.-;

RE: Japan-bound...? - sowon - 05-05-2007

I only wanna go there to have fun during holidays but don't wanna live there !!
they're working too much + japanese girls are not my type( exept yukue nakama ..) :p but I'd love to work with them in the future ... ^___^

RE: Japan-bound...? - Flick - 05-05-2007

I have a friend who's going there for a year now (to do workI think?) so I've promised that if I can, I will visit them at some point Big Grin I really hope I can!

RE: Japan-bound...? - ichi - 05-08-2007

hehee! sowon my cousin might be ur type =D (im definitely NOT advertising my cousin. i love her too much!). i also want to live in japan though im guessing it'll be hard to survive if u dont speak the language. i think i can learn it though *thinks of minoring in japanese for college* but we'll see. i mean... i still promised myself i would take up guitar lessons (at first in the name of tom from blink 182 but now in the name of kenji03!!) *sigh* i make too many promises i dont think i can keep!! bad ichi!!

RE: Japan-bound...? - Flick - 05-08-2007

Guitar lessons sound great! (can play in a band and have in-depth discussions with any of the Back-on guitarists - kenji03 or Shu about guitars) Japanese - a great way of communicating with Back-on ^^

RE: Japan-bound...? - ookami - 05-08-2007

....does singing count? that's all i'm good at when it comes to music....

RE: Japan-bound...? - ichi - 05-09-2007

im totally crap with singing. tis sad since i am flip... oh well. yes i'd def wanna learn how to play the guitar. stupid fingers wont move!!