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そのままで - Edward - 07-18-2009

i just realized that this song wasn't new but was part of one of back-on's oldest albums adachi tribe! anyways, does anyone know where to listen to it? i looked everywhere.....Why
never mind, i found a site that streams all of these old back-on songs!!!! now i just have to find out how to get them.....

RE: そのままで - Spitfire - 07-19-2009

Sono Mama De?
It's almost the same one on the YES!! Album Tongue
I dunno if I can upload it (with this slow internet connection), but i'll try to upload the Adachi Tribe ver. ^^
(Oh btw, i'm back xD)

RE: そのままで - ShadowChao94 - 07-19-2009

oh I have both versions of Sono Mama De,I wish I could give it to u tho but I can't -.-

RE: そのままで - Spitfire - 07-19-2009

Shadow, what about MSN? :\

RE: そのままで - Edward - 07-19-2009

never mind, i already got kan to find it for me.... she ended up uploading the entire adachitribe album and the babyrock album...... thanks kan!

RE: そのままで - ShadowChao94 - 07-20-2009

Edward -oh okay

Yuki - My laptop's battery died and the charger doesn't work

RE: そのままで - Edward - 07-20-2009

wow...... thats harsh........

RE: そのままで - ShadowChao94 - 07-22-2009

its fine,new one came this morning Big Grin

RE: そのままで - SMiiiLEzz - 09-06-2009

omg, i had no idea this thread existed.
or how i ended up finding those albums anyway. *shrugs