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Bass tabs? - Cevo - 07-11-2009

Anyone got/know were I can get bass tabs (or full tabs, all instruments) for their music?
It's especially hard to find bass tabs for Gaku-Ten, the bass in it is amayzing. x]

RE: Bass tabs? - SpydR - 07-11-2009

Hey Cevo!
I found that on Google:

Hope you'll find it useful Smile

RE: Bass tabs? - Flick - 07-12-2009

I know one of our more senior members - Tsubame - contributed a lot towards guitar tabs for BACK-ON's songs (not sure if it was for the bass though) and you can find the thread here:

and some of them got posted on the main guitar tab sites Smile

Thanks for the link too, SpydR! Wink

RE: Bass tabs? - Edward - 07-14-2009

flick is so resourceful, has an answer to everything...... but no, i dont play bass so im not sure where to find them

RE: Bass tabs? - ShadowChao94 - 07-15-2009

neither do I cause I play drums,srry

RE: Bass tabs? - Edward - 07-15-2009

me play piano, me play violin, me play computer! me no play bass

RE: Bass tabs? - Flick - 07-16-2009

You guys are still musical though! Big Grin Maybe it can be a virtual band - each person records their own part to make into one!

@Edward: I sometimes, clearly, have nothing back to do :p But must thank Tsubame for the tabs though.

RE: Bass tabs? - Edward - 07-16-2009

i just sit infront of the computer wishing somthing fun would happen too flick