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Kodou - TeedaFanGirl394 - 04-22-2009

Where Can I Find English Lyrics To Kodou? I Saw Them On The Website But Not English Lyrics. If Anyone Knows Where To Find English Lyrics To Kodou. Please Let Me Know.

RE: Kodou - Edward - 04-22-2009

do you mean the romanji lyrics or the translation?

RE: Kodou - TeedaFanGirl394 - 04-23-2009

(04-22-2009, 02:35 PM)Edward Wrote: do you mean the romanji lyrics or the translation?

English Translation.

RE: Kodou - Edward - 04-25-2009

oooo i dont think there is one, flick attempted one or two songs but no one did kodou, and since there isnt any active japanese fluent forum member no one really translates

RE: Kodou - Flick - 05-04-2009

Alas my Japanese is limited (so the translations are usually patchy at best - literal if you get my drift?) but hopefully we can find someone to help with the translation Smile