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PLEASE HELP ME OUT - thekiller99 - 11-27-2008

I LOVE BACK ON SO MUCH Sparklies but i can't buy their albums because i live in a place where they don't sell it so please i beg you all please upload all the new songs from the YES!! album PLEASE SobSob
If you do i'll give you a BIG HUG Fangirl/boy nosebleed<--- i know i have a low post but i have always been on this forum and THANK YOU FLICK for the sand of time translations

RE: PLEASE HELP ME OUT - Spitfire - 12-12-2008

I guess you won't get the albums that easy around here.

Rule to request files: Get at least 100 posts.

Good luck.

RE: PLEASE HELP ME OUT - Flick - 12-18-2008

Glad you like BACK-ON so much, thekiller99 Smile It's always good to hear about more fans!

Unfortunately as Yuki said, we do have a rule about file requests. You can read it in full here: File Requests

p/s: The translation for Sands of time is with thanks to TV Nihon Smile