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CHAIN tabs and video - cdmaelstrom - 09-30-2008

TABS comming soon. just recorded the video of my guitar cover here

Back-On Chain Guitar Cover Video

RE: Back-On CHAIN TABS - ichi - 09-30-2008

that's cool! i'm pretty sure a lot of members will be looking forward to this. i wish i could play my guitar... hmmm maybe i can use this to learn? Smile

RE: Back-On CHAIN TABS - cdmaelstrom - 09-30-2008

I would be proud if you started playing guitars because of me lol.

I finished the tab , I'm just planning maybe making a video of me playing this.

There a lot of people on youtube who did this song but none of them are accurate as mine is so...Tongue

It won't be long...nice to meet you Kamille Tongue

RE: CHAIN tabs and video - cdmaelstrom - 09-30-2008

by the way you can all look at my guitar cover.

RE: CHAIN tabs and video - Flick - 10-06-2008

Oooh, good video! Big Grin Have to say you make it look 'simple'. I was thinking of learning the guitar at some point, but have discovered that I have no talent.Why Ganbatte ichi!

There was a discussion about guitar tabs quite a while ago (here) and it's awesome that we have a new member(s) who can also play the guitar so well!

RE: CHAIN tabs and video - Spitfire - 12-12-2008

I don't know how to play a guitar.
in fact, I would like to learn how to play an electric bass.

Nice video, maelstrom x3