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RE: Back On Music - Rianeru - 05-12-2007

Yeh I have New World and Flydom added. Maybe I can get her to give it to me anyways, a prize as 40th member lol

RE: Back On Music - sowon - 05-12-2007

BIG lol, if we beging to give u a prize for this reason, previous members who already asked for songs will be jealous..sorry~~ maybe the 100th member :p :p :p

RE: Back On Music - Flick - 05-12-2007

If it's any consolation - at the moment Believer is ranked second on the poll, which means it will be available for download later on this month from the main site ^^

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 05-17-2007

I don't suppose you'll be putting Eyes on the site (once you get it). I've got tv-size versions of the others but i feel incomplete...

RE: Back On Music - ichi - 05-17-2007

lol the number of posts required for a song is going up. it used to be 50 and now its 150? i love it when new members are active =D i say go for it rianeru! whichever comes first... 150 posts or the end of the month? lol its not that hard (lookat many posts i made in one month...)

RE: Back On Music - Flick - 05-17-2007

Hehe, well... there was an attempt to make it mathematically um... balanced? Taking the total number of posts/people etc. that sort of thing, but it is a little skewed Wink But on balance, in the long term, hopefully it should work out?

When I do get hold of the album, it will probably take a while put it up on the music page, but it will certainly be on the radio before being available for download Smile

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 05-17-2007

this is why i want to be in Japan. They can put my fav songs on the radio and i won't have to worry about buying it for a lil bit.

RE: Back On Music - Flick - 05-18-2007

I will endeavour to put it on the Music page radio as well Smile

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 05-18-2007

radio? we have a radio?

RE: Back On Music - ichi - 05-18-2007

that'd be really nice flick!