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RE: Back On Music - Riliont - 04-28-2007

can anyone hook me up with flydom and New world. ive been trying to find a place to dl them. cant get the cd's yet ><

RE: Back On Music - ichi - 04-28-2007

i can give u new world. just pm me your email addy! as for flydom, still waiting for flick to upload them to the site =D

RE: Back On Music - Flick - 04-28-2007

Blush Flick is being a slowbie... the lyrics transcribing is taking longer than expected but I will try and get something uploaded this weekend ^^

RE: Back On Music - max doe - 04-28-2007

Take your time.

RE: Back On Music - Flick - 04-28-2007

The Gaku-ten lyrics (kanji at least) are done Smile Now just the hiragana part because romaji after that is much easier! ^^ Thanks for your patience everyone!

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 05-03-2007

no prob. Can't wait til the lyrics come out. We all pretty much know what the songs about. But it'll be nice to know the exact (or at least accurate) words.

RE: Back On Music - Flick - 05-04-2007

*struggle with self* I have to admit it hasn't progressed much further than my last update, so apologies >_< New things popping up meant I sort of put it aside somewhat but fear not, I shall be restarting it again tonight!

RE: Back On Music - ichi - 05-04-2007

hehee i cant wait for the english translations. im pretty sure i get wat they're talking about.

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 05-04-2007

maybe we can start singing it in english when it comes on. ^^; so long as everyone realizes that it's a SONG we'll be fine.

don't rush Flick. Rushing cause mistakes and later you beat ur self up over them (just got back a math test >_>)

RE: Back On Music - Flick - 05-04-2007

Hehe wise words ookami.Big Grin

I have to admit the English translations will be a bit late-coming, as it takes me ages to do one song >_< but they use lots of katakana (I think I did say this?) which is basically 'english' (ish) which helps (in Gaku-Ten particularly)