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RE: Back On Music - ichi - 12-08-2007

oh maannn... i would have kicked myself seshhy. that sux. 2 minutes!!! and hyde's the smex. i dont care if he's old enough to be my dad!

RE: Back On Music - Sesshy - 12-08-2007

He is a hot Dad, lucky kid of his! I would be so damn proud saying: THATS MY PAPA! He can sing better than all ya papas put together! I'm the mood to listen to SEASON'S CALL by HYDE. Ever seen Moon Child? That movie is the smex!

RE: Back On Music - lesboys22 - 12-09-2007

I have the blaze line, new worldm and chain cds if anyone wants songs from them. Althought I am entirely against the sharing of music for a band like this, for you guys, I'll make an exception

RE: Back On Music - sowon - 12-09-2007

yeah thx lesboys22 ! Only between BOO members "sharing is allowed" :p

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 12-10-2007

Cool lesboys. I think the only song I'm missing from those CDs is the Chain album mix on New World. Not sure if it matters tho, I haven't heard it.

I've got that CD!!!.....and now I want to listen to it...but it's at home.....darn you HYDE. >.>

RE: Back On Music - ichi - 12-10-2007

haha! thats exactly my policy on sharing music. only friends thnk u very much. but i saw somewhere on the internet that said something about if u wanted to get free back-on songs go to the back-on online forum and i was like O.o im gonna cut back on giving away music if ppl just come for those and not really to find out moar about back-on.

meji is officially my bestest friend now. she bought me butterfly and flower singles for xmas!! mwuahahahahhhahaaa

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 12-11-2007

O_o!!!!! Can I see them? Touch them? Just look at them? Onegai!!!!!! I'll never be able to buy their actual CDs T^T

RE: Back On Music - Sesshy - 12-11-2007

Dude, lucky, I would like to buy their CDs, but my mom and I don't really trust online buying. *dies* Though, I do have all their music, but it would be nice to buy their CDs too!

RE: Back On Music - ichi - 12-11-2007

i dont have them yet. i think i'll get them when i go over to meji's house coz she moved Big Grin

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 12-11-2007

she moved? where to?