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RE: Back On Music - Sesshy - 12-04-2007

D: gah! I do the same thing XD I pretend I know it and still say it out loud with gibberish words. If I ever go over there someday if Back-On goes again to the convention, I say we do karaoke with Back-On music! <3

I listen to them while I'm working on designs, clean, listen to my ipod while I'm in the car (not driving XD) and have it in my head in the shower.

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 12-07-2007

the ultimate music device....your head. Sad, you can't change it when you don't like the song....>.>

RE: Back On Music - ichi - 12-07-2007

i know.... specially when that song happens to be hey there delilah or soulja boy T__T

RE: Back On Music - Sesshy - 12-07-2007

The one song that itunes like be a bug to me, is the perverted song from Gackt: Vanilla. OMG! It comes out like...4 times a day on itunes, no matter how I change the shuffle options on it. What's the bad thing about it....I can't change it because the beat of it is catchy and my head loves catchy things. I wanna hear it again >< DAMN YOU AND YOUR SEXYNESS GACKT!

RE: Back On Music - ichi - 12-07-2007

homg! i remember that song! its so pervy. gackt is a pervert!

ei sesshy, have u watched that video in youtube, "jrockers are perverts and you love it"? the song is gackt's vanilla.

RE: Back On Music - Sesshy - 12-07-2007

Unfortunately, I saw that video on youtube <<;;;
The Vanilla song from his tour was yaoi. Even though he's 100% straight, he can pull it off when it comes to Yaoi. I remember they dare this guy from a talk show to be kissed by Gackt, but he backed off when Gackt was so close to kissing him. lol! On the comments, the guys who are straight said they would let Gackt kiss them xD. Gackt is that good eh? A friend of mine is so obsessed with him and his singing.

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 12-07-2007

*can't remember if she's heard 'vanilla'* I did see jrockers are pervs tho. Made me giggle. XD

RE: Back On Music - ichi - 12-08-2007

mhmm the gackt is that good. gackt is pretty but hyde is friggin hot. like HOMG hot. *sigh* lucky lucky hizaki. she might be interviewing gackt next year at cali >0<

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 12-08-2007

*sniff* I wish I was with Hizaki-chan....or kun if she prefers.

RE: Back On Music - Sesshy - 12-08-2007

HYDE came to Anime Expo 2006 after he did a concert at Disneyland in Anaheim. I got very mad too because my friends mom said she wanted us home or else we'll walk home. When my friend and I said goodbye to her friend at the convention, 2 mins later, the friend bumps into HYDE, completely no crowd surrounding him. ARGH 2 mins later....WHY! I would so glomp him and asking 5 million pictures!

Gackt came this year's Anime Expo, but I didn't get to go because I have a illness and I was bad at the time, so I couldn't go. My friend didn't get the tickets to go see him.

Hopefully Anime Expo 2008 will be good...maybe Back-On can come along....I need to request them to Anime Expo. T_T