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RE: Back On Music - eblob88 - 09-21-2007

ya, the intro's but it's worth it. I love the tune of this music, really worthy 3:50!!!! Big Grin!! Can't wait till I figure out the entire lyrics!!!
Spark's also pretty good, I'm pretty sure most of you'll like it

RE: Back On Music - eblob88 - 09-21-2007

Oh ya, I'm new btw!!

Nice to meet ever1!!! Smile

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 09-21-2007

welcome, eblob! Make a thread in the intro section so we can all greet you properly! ^_^

RE: Back On Music - ichi - 10-02-2007

im not overly fond of long intros. it kinda kills it a bit but i'll put up with it for back-on.

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 10-03-2007

i love the intro for butterfly. >.< it means more time for me to play air guitar before I pretend to be teeda and then pick it up with my 'Kenji03 voice'......did i say that out loud?...yea >.>

RE: Back On Music - tequila - 11-21-2007

Hey i found this site... It has Chain, Hikari Sasuhou and heaps of other anime songs.
Unfortunatly some of their lyrics areb't quite right but its free to listen to the songsThumbup....

RE: Back On Music - geckobi - 11-30-2007

I was introduced to Back-On's "New World" and really dug it. After listening to samples of their other songs though, it seems like New World has a different style - more hard rock I guess? Is that the norm or do they have any other songs like New World? I liked Flower but it is kind of pop-ish compared to New World.

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 12-01-2007

I've always considered they're songs completely different from each other but to compare them with New World? Um, Flydom comes to mind and Drive(remix).

RE: Back On Music - Sesshy - 12-01-2007

Every time Butterfly come out or New world. I would sing Kenji's part. But on Butterfly, I as well play Teeda's part because I practically know EVERY word on the song so I sing it without a problem xD Now you know how many times I play the song!

But there is one thing I don't understand on Butterfly. On the intro, when you hear Kenji all techno....what is he saying? Listen on timeline: 0:15

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 12-04-2007

I know what ur talking about. No clue what he's saying tho. I just lip the words and pretend I really know the line. Sweatdrop Same here, Butterfly is the only song where I know both parts (almost) perfectly. I thank Ichiban for that b-day CD, and my need to listen to music in the mornings after my shower. Otherwise, the day will be shot.