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RE: Back On Music - sowon - 05-18-2007

I'll check if MyBB can include such a thing to the forum, that would be awesome!
I'm Flick will approve this nice idea :

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 05-18-2007

oh so we don't have one yet. I thought i had over looked it the whole time i was here. ^^; but, yes, having a radio would be very cool.

RE: Back On Music - Flick - 05-19-2007

There is a 'radio' at the bottom of the Music page, but it does utilise a script from Radioblogclub, so that could be why it's not visible? (It's a flash based player) I think a radio on the forums would be a great idea, fabulous suggestion! Big Grin Will have a lookinto it as well.

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 05-23-2007

...i don't see it.....*is blinder than bats* -.-

RE: Back On Music - Flick - 05-23-2007

I guess it's not *strictly* at the end of the Music page (gomen! was being misleading there) but it's under the download links (or should be...) Do you see anything there at all (above the comments?)

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 05-24-2007

i see a "share this" link but that's it....

RE: Back On Music - snowy - 05-24-2007

i wonder where i can buy back-on albums D: im a new fan of them hehe XD loved air gear and starting to love back-on <3<3

RE: Back On Music - sowon - 05-24-2007

lol like everyone here *thx Air Gear* !! Brand new member snowy !! welcome out here and enjoy ur stay !!!! and if u wanna know where u can buy BO albums just check this link out ^^

RE: Back On Music - Flick - 05-24-2007

ookami Wrote:i see a "share this" link but that's it....

>_< Maybe your school doesn't allow that javascript to show up or something. It's a flash file, so not sure if your computer can display it? I think you mentioned before about the Myspace video not loading etc.

Welcome to the forums too, snowy! Big Grin I'm in the middle of watching Air Gear (episode 21!) and will definitely have to agree with you that Back-on rocks! Smile I see Sowon has already given you a link with more info about where to buy their albums. They are definitely the best places Smile

RE: Back On Music - ookami - 05-25-2007

that might be it then. this sucks >.<.

yes welcome, snowy. Don't forget to make an intro thread! You may end up with the most popular thread. (who's winning that now?)