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Hikari Sasuhou?. - BenBoomZ - 01-22-2008

Hey does anybody here have the survive version of Hikari Sasuhou? I've tried looking everywhere for it. Also, why doesn't the FK metal version have a full version? Thanks for any replies.

RE: Hikari Sasuhou?. - Dean - 01-22-2008

The song was downloadable at the main site. Don't know if it's still there. The FK metal version only has the murder princess 1,30 min. version Sad don't know why there isn't a full version...but i hope...that someday it will come...

RE: Hikari Sasuhou?. - IMA-sama - 01-22-2008

iv been looking a lot for the FK metal ver. and all i found was the 1:30
Hikaru sasuhou (was) on the multmedia page but its removed now

RE: Hikari Sasuhou?. - sowon - 04-23-2008

I'm very desapointed because BACK-ON didn't release a HIkarisasouhu FK ver. single. The TV size version ( Murder princess Opening ) is an awsomenesss song !!!!

RE: Hikari Sasuhou?. - Flick - 04-25-2008

Same here Sowon, I really think they should seriously consider releasing it as a title track of a single. I would buy it! And they should throw in a remix as well Smile They could definitely take the world with that one!

RE: Hikari Sasuhou?. - Edward - 12-11-2009

im confused :'( which vers is which?????

well acually i just dont get which vers this one is [youtube]Sca-Tyj3eAA[/youtube]

RE: Hikari Sasuhou?. - ShadowChao94 - 12-12-2009

Survive Version

RE: Hikari Sasuhou?. - Edward - 12-12-2009

ok, and the one that was downloadable from the site was the new world vers right?

RE: Hikari Sasuhou?. - Flick - 12-22-2009

The one with the long instrumental intro is the Survive ver. Smile And the one which is shorter and more clean cut with extra effects is the New World version.