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RE: GAKU-TEN Forums - Flick - 04-26-2008

Thanks, Sesshy Wink GWEAT suggestions! I especially love the bun one (I think it's a bun? or a wrap?) and the studying one :p

I'm putting them up now. Will probably use these tags (in respective order), but if you think of something more appropriate, please let me know so I can change it:
:bun:  :studying:  :nosebleed:  :new!:

RE: GAKU-TEN Forums - Sesshy - 04-28-2008

I keep think it's a taco....

Mantou I ish a taco and hot as one.......

........nah lets go with bun

[Image: 093.gif]
when someome gets embarassed, annoyed, confused xD

[Image: 080_.gif]
in the corner!

[Image: 070_goodjob.gif]
good job!

[Image: 064_.gif]
whining to have Kenji

I'll stop now and let others choose xD

RE: GAKU-TEN Forums - Spitfire - 01-14-2009

Mmmm what happened to those forums!?
I see that nobody post around there :\

RE: GAKU-TEN Forums - Sesshy - 01-17-2009

Long story about the forum. I think I'm gonna take it off for Nao, seeing because we already have a forum here. Flick and Sowon is doing a great job for this forum, so why need another one? xD

I'm gonna take the link off.