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RE: SoundEX New Website - Flick - 03-26-2008

Hehe, it would be really cool! Big Grin Imagine what we could all do together ^^ Thank you for your help (and offer of course) I am actually meant to be emailing you about one or two things, but am being a slowpoke as usual.

I'm blind. Kenji03 + peace sign? I must go back and look at the screenshots Smile Have to really thank acq128 for the video. Pity it was blurred in some parts - when the video is playing one doesn't notice, but when you look at it frame-by-frame, it's quite obvious. Will make a post about the files later on.

RE: SoundEX New Website - ookami - 03-29-2008

Screenshots? Did i miss them? Sweatdrop

RE: SoundEX New Website - Sesshy - 03-29-2008

You're welcome Big Grin Trying to help my fellow friends! xD

*looks again* ......or seems like he is LOL but I don't think he is....<_< Anyway...I'll try to think of something..

@Ookami: Flick said she'll post them soon. It's the screenshot on their live that acq128 filmed!

RE: SoundEX New Website - Flick - 03-30-2008

As promised Big Grin

There are about 80 pictures I think... courtesy of acq128 Smile There would have been more pictures, but as I had mentioned to Sesshy, quite a few were blurred. Can't really tell when one watches the video, but browsing frame-by-frame means that you only catch a few clear ones.

Please feel free to use them for your designs and such ^^ (with credit to acq128)

RE: SoundEX New Website - ookami - 04-10-2008

oh dear. when i click i get something about a worship song by Calvary Chapel Lima. Sweatdrop I even click on the download file (which I assume is the file with the screenshots) and i'm just looped back to the same page. Is it just me?

RE: SoundEX New Website - Sesshy - 04-10-2008

Same here o.o You're not the only one

RE: SoundEX New Website - Flick - 04-10-2008

Meh, I have no idea why there >_< I think the file expires after a while, but didn't think it would be replaced by something that strange. Gomen-ne! I'll edit the link once I've finished uploading the file to an alternative host.

RE: SoundEX New Website - Sesshy - 04-11-2008

ah, figures xD It's cool

o.o I didn't see these smileys xDDD Heh

RE: SoundEX New Website - ichi - 04-12-2008

:lol: a worship song by Calvary Chapel Lima??? omg! i almost burst out laffing while in class. thats just so funny... churchy song... bwahahahahaa! *ahem* on another note, yeshh i love teh new smilies specially this: Pon Yeah

RE: SoundEX New Website - Flick - 04-13-2008

What on earth is "Calvary Chapel Lima" anyway? Big Grin Is it something special? Glad it got you laughing, although I was feeling pretty mortified when I first read about the dead linkTongue

Great smilies, I love them too!