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RE: SoundEX New Website - Sesshy - 03-11-2008

Don't worry, I have that place too Ookami. When one of their closes friend's don't wanna go, they ask me. But I say no! D< Because I can tell when they do that, but I don't say just: "No" I just I have do HW and crap xD

RE: SoundEX New Website - Flick - 03-12-2008

Now I know what my friends are thinking when I call them up/drag them to things :p

RE: SoundEX New Website - ookami - 03-14-2008

LOL. I don't think it's entirely bad (it's always nice to feel wanted), but it's not good when everyone want's to sit next to you (it's kinda hard to split myself into 3 parts).

RE: SoundEX New Website - Sesshy - 03-14-2008

Big Grin It does feel good when everyone is talking to you at the same time. Oh...High school is coming back to me. Now today, since a lot of us moved away from home due to college, it got lonely now xD

So prepare after you graduate, there's going to be a lot of changes!

RE: SoundEX New Website - Flick - 03-14-2008

One does make lots of new friends in College though to be fair Wink And it's actually really cool getting in touch with friends from high school, even people I didn't talk to that much before seem like such 'old' friends.

RE: SoundEX New Website - ookami - 03-14-2008

lol. I hope to go through that too. But I at least plan to keep in touch with a few of my least until I've settled into the college life. >.<

RE: SoundEX New Website - Flick - 03-18-2008

SoundEX is now linked by JaME Smile

RE: SoundEX New Website - Sesshy - 03-19-2008

O.O oh crap....
I feel like I haven't taken care much of the site (and Nao being really busy lately) xD;; But seeing once the new single comes out, I'll update the site with new stuff if I can get some photos 8D the layout will remain the same, but I'll make a new flash banner for the single once I get official photos.
Flick, if you happened to find official photos for the single first, please email me them if you can! <3

RE: SoundEX New Website - Flick - 03-20-2008

I have heard that Nao is really busy, hope everything is going well with her Smile And will let you know about the photos if I do come across them, but I don't think I'll pick up any official photos until later (always slow when it comes to things official Sweatdrop)

I've actually done the screenshots from the other video by acq128. I'm not sure if they'd be good enough for wallpapers, but certainly might be useful for your flash. *must remember to put up your other wallpapers*

RE: SoundEX New Website - Sesshy - 03-25-2008

I wonder if Nao wants me to change the layout when Sands of time comes out...I always wonder if it would be cool if Sound Ex and BOO combined and worked together as one Big Grin Seems I like helping both of you guys out. I always had that wonder and had to come out to tell you that xD

Once a new Official Photoshoot comes out, I shall right away make one! I saw the screenshots by the way. Pretty good ones too! Big Grin I saw Kenji doing the peace sign and right want it as a avatar. xD