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RE: SoundEX New Website - ichi - 11-20-2007

sorry... im not santa-san. though if santa was here i'd ask him for uhm... a wacom tablet, a haircut (for me not him..), a new camera, and and and sexpot revenge clothes, and putumayo clothes, and h.naoto clothes, kenji, ryuutarou from plastic tree, kanon from an cafe, ruki from gazette *drools*, and some cash ofcourz. and and a plane ticket to japan and the philippines!

i just love that laugh. ho ho ho!!

RE: SoundEX New Website - yutasexy - 11-21-2007


I'd like to take a few icons for my LJ, but who do I credit ^^? Do you want me to just credit the site?

RE: SoundEX New Website - ichi - 11-21-2007

i think u can credit SOUNDEX and sesshy-chan. Smile

RE: SoundEX New Website - Sesshy - 11-21-2007

Just credit Sound ^^ I'll be making more icons later on.

Have you heard that in Australia, that Santa Claus can't say "Ho ho ho" because it might offend women? I laughed my ass off when I heard that XD

RE: SoundEX New Website - ookami - 11-27-2007

Lmfao Go Austrailians for keeping thier women's self-esteem high. Shame it's not the same in America.

RE: SoundEX New Website - Sesshy - 11-27-2007

If it was in America....that be even more funny. My dad would tell his friends (guys): "Merry ho ho you you" Cracks me up every time. I wonder if he said that out loud if he was at Australia... >> *Sesshy's mind wonders about*

RE: SoundEX New Website - Flick - 12-13-2007

Cool website! Big Grin Love the wallpaper/avatars etc! ^^ Great work, Soundy and Sesshy! Must edit BOO with the new link Smile

RE: SoundEX New Website - Sesshy - 12-13-2007

Oh yes Flick, you got some work to do! Wink Glad you like it! Big Grin

RE: SoundEX New Website - Flick - 01-03-2008

Link has been updated Smile (or it was a while ago) I wish there were more hours in a day!

RE: SoundEX New Website - ookami - 01-09-2008

but if there were more hours, then I wouldn't get to sleep....and i like to sleep. Lets me have my Back-On related dreams. XD