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RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Flick - 04-25-2008

To be fair, jail is probably alot more appropriate than a degree Sweatdrop I just want to have the free time to do blah as well (instead of sitting in a cell Tongue)

I guess she's ultra busy as well (or my email annoyed her Tongue) as I haven't received a reply as yet (says to self... probably because you haven't replied to Sesshy's email). The Uverworld site really really nice though Smile

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Ummm - 04-30-2008

YAY! Thank you! *saves all the wallpapers on her PC* Clap I love them! BTW, I had no idea you created the banners on this forum! They're pretty good. *Sign* why in the world can I not do computer designs. *Points to sig* that's the best I could to do Sob

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Sesshy - 05-02-2008

I have 4 years experience on Adobe Photoshop so I've been practicing and self taught all that time. I never took a class for it! Big Grin I'm currently learning Adobe Illustrator (Vectoring, Coloring, lineart). Both are version CS3! I'm very serious with graphic designs! <3 My future career! yay!

And thanks for saving them too! When I see some new pictures for Sands of time, hopefully I can make a wallpaper out of it for a celebration of it!

@Flick: Glad you guys joined forces! Maybe we should find more fansites to affiliate! I stalk saw a lot of cool fansites out there, that can also get more people's attention for Back-On! Big Grin

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Ummm - 05-02-2008

^Looking forward to it! On their blog, they're was a picture of Shu doing a photoshoot, so hopefully, their picture will be a part of the single.

And maybe I should try photoshop, I use macromedia fireworks, yo....yeah, yo, not the best program...yo. I try those tutorials & all the really good ones are in a foreign language. Eh, I'm gonna keep trying. ^_^

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Sesshy - 05-06-2008

Yeah, I've seen that picture already and notice about the single XD
UGH how many more day do we have again till we see some REAL update? 15 more days? *pounds on floor* come on already! T^T faster, faster! *forgets about school coming up again* NO SLOW DOWN!

Photoshop is an awesome image advanced program. Can do absolute anything on it as long you know what you're doing XD

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Flick - 05-07-2008

Cho Hakkai is awesome, Umm.... he's definitely my favourite Saiyuki characeter ^^

You know, am reading that blog entry by icchan that talks about the PV. Do you think they'll be putting it up on Myspace in the next 2 days or something?

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Sesshy - 05-08-2008

*reads* oh yeah....I'll defiantly keep an eye on that O.o
or it's just going to be a CM of the PV? Because flower and butterfly are just CM on their myspace... ._. hopefully they're show the full preview or someone puts it up on youtube xD

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Flick - 05-08-2008

It's out! I just got one of those 'subscription video' emails (didn't realise that it was still working for me) and OMG, the song has so much more variation than I thought (plus ONE LUCKY GIRL who's in the video - why aren't we ever in it??? Benkyou Is there some magic formula?)

Unfortunately it's only the partial PV >_<

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - ookami - 05-09-2008

Yes, there is a magic formula.

1) Live in Japan
2) try not to fangasim at the sight of the band
3) Look as adorable as you can while ruining everyone else's efforts at the same time

I didn't even realize I had a youtube account until I got an email saying someone subscribed to my channel or something. I signed up for it two years ago and forgot it was there. Sweatdrop Well at least now I can gather all the BACK-ON goodness on one page. ^__^

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Flick - 05-11-2008

I have to say I do like my Youtube account, although I wasn't too keen on signing up in the first place Big Grin I think Youtube has become so much better now that Google has taken it over (not sure about other services like Feedburner but Youtube definitely on the up)

Thanks ookami! Saru-odoru I shall write those rules in to my book for future reference!