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RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Sesshy - 03-14-2008

Earthquake aren't active at the moment as they said it was the last past few years. I do love small earthquakes xD. The biggest one last happened in 1998 at 3AM. It was a 6.5 in 6 secs. We just went under the table and saw our stuff fall down. No major damage happened.

The other bigger but less earthquake happened around.....06? LOL It was hilarious! It was when I use to live in a 2 story house (T_____________T miss it so much!) and my computer room was upstairs. My 2 cousins who were brothers (one 6 and other 12) were watching me and I went to the restroom to fix my hair because we were going out. Then the earthquake struck and I can hear my little cousin screaming: "THE HOUSE IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!! RUN PEOPLE!!!!! IT'S GOING TO EAT US! T___________________T" I burst out laughing and the earthquake stopped. His idiot brother told him that houses do come alive. ¬¬ Earthquake came at the wrong time.

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Flick - 03-14-2008

ROFLMAO Big Grin That must have been hilarious! He's so going to laugh about it when he gets older! I guess I don't mind earthquakes so much (minor ones) unless they cause huge disruptions (and broken things, let alone lives) Which reminds me - I did read somewhere that back in the olden days, they (some cultures?) used to believe it was a giant eel (or whatever it was) that caused the earthquakes when it was angry, and offerings were made to appease it...

p/s:@ookami - clothing FTW! And when you mentioned chicken, I couldn't help but think of (Tsubame's?) Teeda dancing like a chicken... or something like that?

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - ookami - 03-14-2008

*cries with tears in her eyes* omg. that was funny. i'd never let ur cousin live it down, sesshy. it's just too good to waste. Lmfao

*has a sudden urge to play Teeda in Gaku-Ten/Chain/New World* lol. I thank Tsubame and her chicken dancing wait! He's my chicken dancing Teeda! >_<

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Sesshy - 03-15-2008

8D I currently now have ideas for a new comic. Hint: "Back-On meets Fans online"

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Flick - 03-18-2008


I swear that's a line from some movie?? Big Grin

Lol ookami! Just wondering if we should add a 'field' to everyone's profile: favourite back-on band member to go under 'Reputation' ^^

ZOMG, can hardly wait for the new comic, sesshy! ^^ *camps outside with a thermos flask and a paparazzi camera*

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Sesshy - 03-19-2008

*coughs*then change my title to, Kenji's crazy fangirl*coughs*

That's what UVERforums has Big Grin Favorite UVERmember. and 2 others:
Which side? Dark or Light (we wanted to see how many evil members we have...seems a lot)
UVERfamily? for me: UVERname (we formed a family there as well, I just got married Sunday xDDD)

Hey Flick, are you still looking for affiliates? I can gladly tell my friend who owns to affiliates! I already told her about SoundEx, but then maybe connect to your site since you update the most. Like she said: "All fansites should stick together!"

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Flick - 03-20-2008

I'll let the mod team mull it over just in case, but thank you for your support (and suggestions) sesshy! Wink Congratulations on your marriage(? I think??) You have a really tightly knit community there!

Ooh I haven't looked into affiliates for a while (haven't looked at the site for a while... evident from the lack of frequent news posts) but it would be awesome if we could be affiliated! I do like your friend's words - too true! Smile At the moment it would be a text link back though, would that work out?

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Sesshy - 03-20-2008

xD We're all close! I mean, we really have people all over the world, so it's really cool to talk to different people with the same interests as you! (Though they like to tackle the mods down and....there's only 2 >.>;;Wink
hers is text link as well on her main page, so doesn't matter at all!

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Flick - 03-22-2008

Hehe, poor mods on the Uverworld boards ^^ We only have two too, so hopefully no one will tackle them too much! (imagines rugby tackles...)

Text links FTW! Hehe Big Grin Thanks, Sesshy.
What will I need to do first re: affiliates?

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Sesshy - 03-25-2008

Well I'll talk to her about it soon after I get some stuff done around the web >_< My evil admin has been busy with school. If she gets on today, I'll tackle her down and tell her about it. I'll send you the answer or I get her to email you or you email her. I'll tell asap possible here xDD

Poor mods? T___T you understand my feelings! I'm the cleaning/PIA(pain in the ass)/funeral (don't ask)/busiest/lemon (my color is yellow as my friend is the lime since she's green) media mod xDDD I'm the most tortured!

Ookami, Iciban! Be happy your job is easy for now! D<
We have 5 admins and 2 mods xD