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RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Flick - 02-29-2008

LOL Big Grin Most people do like to head out in the summer (In the UK) because that's pretty much the only time the weather is really good for spending a long day at e.g. the beach :p Still not even that warm usually (until recently when it seems to shoot to 30+)

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Sesshy - 03-04-2008

Just last week, it hit 80 degrees then the next day, hit 60 degrees. XD That got a lot of people freaked out about that because that never happened. Then we got a earthquake on Saturday. Big Grin Mother nature was a bit odd last week!

>_> I must visit Paris while I'm still alive xD I'm staying with either you or Sowon Tongue or a couple of others I know there!

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - ookami - 03-05-2008

yea, if i ever get the chance to travel the world, first stop would be england or france just to visit you two. Tongue I'm interested in how good/bad the summers are up there.

>.< Houston weather is just that jumpy (minus the earthquakes). I thought it was just us.

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Sesshy - 03-05-2008

*whispers to Ookami* I say we sneak inside their house and jump on top of them while they're asleep. Ish funny 8DDDD It's like a warm welcome!
Just need to get their address! ;D

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Flick - 03-07-2008

*psst* If you would like a warm welcome, surely we should be the ones doing the glomping Tongue*

Actually we had an earth quake last week (have I posted this before? oh well) Some roof tiles fell off etc.etc. and some people in London even said they felt it - I was not one of them (does this mean I have no nerve cells?) I hope the weather is good when you all come, it's so much better seeing everything in the sunlight! (unless one visits a museum Big Grin)

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Sesshy - 03-07-2008

I can always feel an earthquake for some reason, I can even hear the smallest sound while I'm asleep. For some reason, I cannot sleep without noises. I have to have noises, ex: Clock ticking, TV, radio, etc. O.o ish weird.

Didn't know there was earthquakes in London. I don't know if I ever heard of one. xD; Weather shall be heaven when we come Big Grin

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - ookami - 03-11-2008

I've only ever heard of bad storms in the english channel (helped the british win some battle against the spanish armada). But when you think about it, an earthquake can happen anywhere. It's just more frequent on coastlines.

O.o That's one of the worst ways to wake up (a father and two younger brothers are HEAVY!!!!) So yea, let's do it. XD And we can get to the hugs afterwards. Big Grin

>.< I'd have to have sunlight. I hate being cold and wear my jacket everwhere i go to avoid that problem. to be in the sunlight would be cool (AND crusing the streets too).

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Sesshy - 03-11-2008

Why I get a lot of earthquakes because I live near a fault xD But it hasn't been active a lot lately like it use to be. Also with that, and living close Los Angeles bigger fault too o.o but that's an hour away from us.

Don't worry about that Ookami! Spring is here for us! xD

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - Flick - 03-12-2008

I like wearing my scarf everywhere as well, ookami. My neck gets cold so easily!

What great hearing you have there, Sesshy! Big Grin Once I'm asleep I'm dead to the world.

England doesn't usually have major earthquakes, I think because of its location on the plate, but it still gets some of the shockwaves I suppose?

Spring is almost here for us as well ... it's just that it's cold Sweatdrop Samui? Atsui? I can never remember which one is which!

RE: Wallpapers: UPDATE: Colors & Blaze Line - ookami - 03-14-2008

Tis samui! (I can google! Tongue) tho it's not that cold here anymore. the temp is begining to rise (normally about 70 degrees by the end of school). The worse is when you have this long streak of warm weather and then it falls way back down. >.< Spring can't come soon enough.

that's one reason i'm scared of living in Cali. Dunno what i'd do during an earthquake >.< <--is a chicken

Oh, good. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who wears the same article of clothing almost everywhere. Big Grin