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Wallpapers: UPDATE: Sands of Time & Flyaway - Sesshy - 10-18-2007

I finally made a wallpaper for the first for Back-On. Hopefully it came out alright for you guys:

Flower Version
[Image:] [Image:]

Butterfly Version
[Image:] [Image:]

This is the "Flower" version. Yeah it says "Flower and Butterfly" but you get the picture. Thanks to ichiban for sending me the scan of "butterfly" cover. Even though it was really small, I mange to get it nicely done on the bigger sizes.

Blaze Line
[Image:] [Image:]

Here's the Blaze Line wallpaper. I just love the redness on the wallpaper xD Yeah it's the same style as the other two, but like I said, it's like a collection for all songs they have made and hope I can make them all from their singles/albums

[Image:] [Image:]

The pictures are from Anime USA concert. I got permission from and Anime USA to use the wallpaper (Nao asked yay her!) So I hope you all like! Since the color of the lights from their concert made it all colorful...well good time to title it....Colors! This one is for Nao!

Sands of Time

I was unable to make a perfect quality of the Sands of Time scans because they were so small. D: Hopefully the abstract will make up for it?

[Image:] [Image:]

Photos are from their Official Myspace. I was so happy to have a bigger version pictures of them to make a wallpaper. This is a Photo-manipulation wallpaper. They're not actually in that scene. I cropped them out from the original and added them into that background.
Background Image

Version 1

I'm sorry to say that I accidentally overwritten the 1024x768 with Sands of Time's and have to making ANOTHER one. So for now, widescreen is available. Please be patient while I redo the standard one. Yes, there will be another version of a flyaway wallpaper. It will be made one I get my single and/or someone scans me the regular edition. (I ordered the Limited Edition)


Anyway enjoy the wallpaper. Size: 1024x768 and also I have 1280x800 (my wallpaper resolution for my Macbook) ^^

If you have trouble seeing them though imageshack, you can visit me DA: SessLover18's DA

RE: New Wallpaper - ookami - 10-18-2007

o_o *drools* DESU!!!!!!! Awsomeness!!! I got my butterfly pic from ichi so i'll get her to send it to you. I think it's cool, but i'm not sure you can make something out of it.

RE: New Wallpaper - Sesshy - 10-18-2007

I know what it looks like indeed! Sesshy can make anything! Ok...not really but it's going to be the same thing as the flower version...the city is the background and the front pictures will be them. You shall see!

RE: New Wallpaper - ookami - 10-18-2007

can't wait Thumbup

RE: New Wallpaper - Sesshy - 10-19-2007

Then I wanted to make wallpapers for each band members so everyone can be happy with their own fav member.

RE: New Wallpaper - ookami - 10-19-2007

o_o.....*is not jinxing it*

RE: New Wallpaper - Sesshy - 10-19-2007

But I can't start until I get the Butterfly CD scan...

RE: New Wallpaper - ookami - 10-19-2007

*pokes ichi* Well? Wha'cha waitin for?

RE: New Wallpaper - ichi - 10-20-2007

u can find the covers for the cds in the main page. if u want *me* to send it it wont be until nxt week. to much stuff happening today and this weekend.

RE: New Wallpaper - Sesshy - 10-20-2007

Well if it's the big size, yeah. I rather have a large size scan so it can look more high quality... I guess I'll wait till next week then.