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[split] Weirdest food you've ever come across? - lesboys22 - 10-13-2007

How weird is the weirdtest food you've come across and what is it?

RE: Favorite Cereal? - dink524 - 10-13-2007 moms meatloaf. It looks like a peice of crap XDDD

RE: Favorite Cereal? - lesboys22 - 10-14-2007

hahaha nice one. I'd have to say that the weirdest to eat was octopus as a piece of sushi. Wayyyy to chewy.

The weirdest overall even though I love it is beef tripe ( Cow intestine ). That is really chewy as well.

RE: Favorite Cereal? - dink524 - 10-14-2007

Octopus = amazinggg I luv sushi, but i hate eel.

RE: Favorite Cereal? - lesboys22 - 10-15-2007

you hate eel? Oh man, you are the first person who I have ever met that doesn't like eel. Why don't you like it?

RE: Favorite Cereal? - TsUbAmE - 10-15-2007

i love eel, the weirdest thing i came across was this knock off sushi with slamon eggs on it.

never eat sushi from a chinese restaraunt

RE: Favorite Cereal? - dink524 - 10-15-2007

I don't know. It isn't the tast, but the texture of it makes my skin crawl. And I don't like the smell to much either. My dad thinks I'm a freak because I hate parsley.

RE: [split] Weirdest food you've ever come across? - Flick - 10-15-2007

I'm not the biggest fan of eel, but if it's put in front of me (japanese style) I'll eat it Big Grin Interesting that you actually like beef tripe, lesboys~ I find alot of people are put off by it ~

p/s: Thread split from original 'favourite cereal' thread. - One of my rare 'must get organised' moments.

RE: [split] Weirdest food you've ever come across? - lesboys22 - 10-15-2007

I grew up with it. My dad had been making the dish for as long as I can remember. It doesn't really have a taste so I have it with potatoes and a soup like sauce that has bacon and various other things in it. oh sooo good.

RE: [split] Weirdest food you've ever come across? - ichi - 10-15-2007

hmm tripe... er... i've only had it once. they had it in this vietnamese soup. i'd have to say its pretty good.

lol i beat all u guys with the weirdest food. octopus.. i love octupus. and squid. and my weirdest food will have to be fertilized duck eggs Big Grin hey, im filipino so yeah... i like those stuff. and also another weird food to add to the mix: chicken feet Thumbup

ei guys, waddaya think of fish sauce? to stinky?