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Video games anyone? - lesboys22 - 10-02-2007

I suggest you check out the site I belong to then. You'll find anything you want and for good deals too. Ciao!

RE: Video games anyone? - ichi - 10-04-2007

*is scared to click the link coz of the school filter* though i AM tempted Big Grin

RE: Video games anyone? - ookami - 10-04-2007

too late already tried. tis blocked. I want to look tho.

RE: Video games anyone? - lesboys22 - 10-04-2007

It's basically just a game trading site where people sell and trade video games for better deals than anything you'd ever get at a retail store. Smile Great site!

RE: Video games anyone? - ookami - 10-06-2007

sugoi desu.

RE: Video games anyone? - aoi-sama - 10-08-2007

sweet they got Final Fantasy Tactics! its a big deal cause i can't find it at any store

oooo Dark Cloud 2!

RE: Video games anyone? - Flick - 10-15-2007

It would be great if it works for the UK! I finally got a Wii (although rarely am home to play it) and the games are so incredibly expensive sometimes!

RE: Video games anyone? - lesboys22 - 10-15-2007

People on that site ship worldwide so you're good to go