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RE: Favorite Cereal? - dink524 - 10-12-2007

Nope. They have bacon egg and cheeze now. They are really good! Ive heard a rumor about sushi flavoured as well >.>;; I also eat cold pizza...while my uncle loves chili dogs for breakfast.

RE: Favorite Cereal? - lesboys22 - 10-12-2007

Man, you guys have stomachs made of steel.

RE: Favorite Cereal? - dink524 - 10-12-2007

yepp. i also love kimchi, a very spicy korean food.

RE: Favorite Cereal? - lesboys22 - 10-12-2007

Actually that does look really good. Can you only find that in restaurants ?

RE: Favorite Cereal? - ichi - 10-13-2007

mmmm hotpockets. i miss hotpotckets. i ate cereal this morning Big Grin pocky.. umm i prefer chocolate which is why i cosplay chocolate pocky. i had so much almond pocky last week. my friend was just giving me packets a day. hehee.

i wanna try kimchi!! idk much how to prepare it though. i can buy it in this one asian grocery store. kimchi=fermented cabbages and spices. im not weirded out by it. lol im filipino, i've come across weirder food Thumbup

RE: Favorite Cereal? - dink524 - 10-13-2007

Im not wierded out by it either. I can cook it myself Big Grin

RE: Favorite Cereal? - Flick - 10-15-2007

Sorry all about splitting the thread ( - the discussion about 'weirdest food you've ever come across' was too interesting to keep to the cereal topic imho!

I like Cocopops, Jordan's Country Crisp and other cereals, including Fruit Loops, which is impossible to buy here >_<

RE: Favorite Cereal? - lesboys22 - 10-15-2007

haha someone likes their sugar. Jordan's country crisp?? never heard of that one.

RE: Favorite Cereal? - rice_n00dle - 10-20-2007

cinnamon toast crunch!!Thumbup

RE: Favorite Cereal? - ichi - 10-20-2007

to noodle: u only like that coz thats wat mom buys us...