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RE: 8D~ - Flick - 09-07-2007

I think it's definitely worth considering! Big Grin However, it would be awful if people just signed up to d/l files, so perhaps there should be a set criteria?

RE: 8D~ - TsUbAmE - 09-07-2007

OH!!!! i know!!!!

you have to be a member and have a certsin nu,ber of posts/contributions to get access to the downloads.

how about that?

RE: 8D~ - ookami - 09-11-2007

That's sounds fair. I like it.

RE: 8D~ - TsUbAmE - 09-11-2007

*is genius* lol j/k, i'm not that self centered, but how about it flick?

RE: 8D~ - sowon - 09-12-2007

sounds fair yea ..what about 300 posts ? Big Grin -

RE: 8D~ - ichi - 09-12-2007

where would that put me? im over a thousand posts. unlimited downloads ne?

RE: 8D~ - aoi-sama - 09-12-2007

great ideas! why are Hero and Adachi Tribe unavailabe any way it isn't fair.
*second glance* oh i seem to be a little short on posts T_T

RE: 8D~ - TsUbAmE - 09-12-2007

i guess after 200-300 posts it's unlimeited cause then it'd be annoying to have to make up other numbers for the other downloads, plus all back-on songs/albums are equally awesome

RE: 8D~ - ookami - 09-15-2007

Yes yes. Unless you want to set it up as:

100 posts - Gaku-Ten and Kodou
200 posts - Flydom and New World
300 posts - Chain and Make Some Noise

This way you'd *really* have to work to get the song you want.

RE: 8D~ - Flick - 09-15-2007

Good idea, Tsubame and Sowon Smile Thanks to everyone for your input so far! If we're all happy with the 300 limit, let's use it~~