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8D~ - Mr.Beros - 08-26-2007

(Hope this goes here. DWink

I finally put up my Back-On poster. Its been lying on my bed since the con. XDD

And I just had a spazz attack because I couldn't find my Baby Rock and Chain Single. But, I found them.

I can't wait for Flower and Butterfly to arrive. *o*

And does anyone know how to get their older CD's

RE: 8D~ - SOUND_EX - 08-26-2007

oldest CD you can get is BABY ROCK

RE: 8D~ - Mr.Beros - 08-27-2007

Aww. That really sucks. ;o;

RE: 8D~ - ookami - 09-01-2007

Yeah, the only way to get the other one's is to find the songs themselves and download them.

RE: 8D~ - aoi-sama - 09-03-2007

esnips is a good place to download their songs and many others
however its always best to buy the music and only download the ones you can't get like Adachi Tribe

RE: 8D~ - Mr.Beros - 09-03-2007

I guess I'll try to look on ebay first before resorting to downloading. D;

RE: 8D~ - Flick - 09-05-2007

Glad you found your CDs, Beros! Smile

Actually I've been wondering if the Hero album should be a randomly permanent download on the site (and permanent on the forum) since it's actually not available. I had to download mine (torrent) thanks to 'crackerjack'. Any thoughts?

RE: 8D~ - TsUbAmE - 09-05-2007

i think that's actually a good idea, but for boo forum members only, that way we won't be giving the songs away to the public for free(thus decreasing back-on's sales) but the broke people(like me) can still get their songs.

RE: 8D~ - ookami - 09-06-2007

*raises hand* I'm broke too. I'd love to listen to their older songs, tho.

RE: 8D~ - sowon - 09-06-2007

..Flick should we open a thread for members only in order to download the whole BACK -ON disco ? I think that I can upload some albums tho.