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RE: THE SONG INTERPRETATION THREAD!!!*fanfare* - TsUbAmE - 10-26-2007

yeah, or from adachi tribe idk

RE: THE SONG INTERPRETATION THREAD!!!*fanfare* - Ummm - 08-14-2008

Ooh...I wanna try! I wanna try! I had a class in music, in which we wrote our own song reviews! It was really fun, actually, even tho. I'm not that good at it STILL.

Rain -
This song shocked me the first time I heard it. I actually looked down at my iPod to see if I had it on shuffle because I thought I was listening to some other artist! I was aware of BACK-ON's many diffrent genres, but this song had too much of a "Pop, boyband-esque" sound. lol...Nonetheless, I adore this song! TEEDA's singing vocals are actually quite good; he sounds very sexy, & I love KENJI03's cute vocals during the chorus, & the guitars (& whole production), actually blends in really well! I'm taking a wild stab in the dark (since I don't know Japanese), but throughtout the song, TEEDA seems to be mentioning a memory - maybe about a lost love that is triggered by raindrops. However not a tragic memory, since the song has somewhat of a "happy" tune.

Okay, there's mine. XD

RE: THE SONG INTERPRETATION THREAD!!!*fanfare* - ichi - 08-16-2008

oh oh oh~~ ummm! u totally nailed my feeling about rain! definitely boyband-esque! and definitely agree with teeda's singing voice. i actually prefer him singing as to rapping but hey, thats just me lol. XD