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Any GIF's? - Stormrider - 07-20-2007

bahh... I've really been neglecting this place though I'm so glad I've joined D:

I was just curious if anybody had any BACK-ON GIFs >.>

I have a few from the NEW WORLD PV, and will be probably be getting some here in the next few days:
[Image: test16.gif]
[Image: test7.gif]
[Image: test6.gif] (sorry if they're a little slow)
Anybody can use these if they'd like~
Anybody else? c:

Edit: [Image: test18.gif]

RE: Any GIF's? - Koutarou - 07-20-2007

[Image: KenjiAnimation-1.gif]

RE: Any GIF's? - Flick - 07-30-2007

Thanks for sharing your gifs - stormrider and Koutarou Smile If I get a chance, I'll try and make some gifs too! ^^

RE: Any GIF's? - Stormrider - 07-31-2007

Thanks Flick~! I have some more I gotta dish out and I'll post those here too.

RE: Any GIF's? - sowon - 08-02-2007

awesome gifs stormrider !!! don't kno why but I love the 4th one ( so funny ) !thx again 4ur hard work

RE: Any GIF's? - Stormrider - 08-02-2007

lol, Thanks Sowon~ Smile

タネウマ w/ GFS:
[Image: taneuma_test9.gif]
[Image: taneuma_test8.gif]
[Image: taneuma_test7.gif]
[Image: taneuma_test6.gif]
[Image: taneuma_test5.gif]
[Image: taneuma_test2.gif]
[Image: taneuma_test3.gif]

RE: Any GIF's? - Stormrider - 08-03-2007

[Image: flydom_test1.gif][Image: flydom_test2.gif]
[Image: flydom_test3.gif]
[Image: flydom_test4.gif][Image: flydom_test4a.gif]
[Image: flydom_test5.gif]

RE: Any GIF's? - Koutarou - 08-03-2007

Those are hawt. Big Grin

RE: Any GIF's? - SOUND_EX - 08-03-2007

all nice

RE: Any GIF's? - Flick - 08-05-2007

Oh wow, cool ones from Tanuema as well! Big Grin Nice! I love kenji03 in that one (well, in New World as well, but hey...)