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RE: WALLPAPER ^__^ - SOUND_EX - 10-10-2007

Sesshy Wrote:If it's not too much for you dear. ^^ Also a question for you. Where did you get that awesome screenshot on your sig? I love it!

I can saythe same for your sig....but mine isnt a screen shot. its a photo from the video shoot.

RE: WALLPAPER ^__^ - dink524 - 10-10-2007

-_- im a n00b on photoshop

RE: WALLPAPER ^__^ - ookami - 10-12-2007

Sesshy Wrote:I say we all make one and post it on a forum XD

*suddenly feels shy* ano...i'll try.

Where *are* you guys getting these pics? hmm, HMMMM??? Tongue

RE: WALLPAPER ^__^ - Sesshy - 10-12-2007

Now now people, don't be shy! Does everyone have a DA? I do! *raises hand* I have to agree with the treasuremine lol. I remember seeing this art of kenji and there's wings on the wall behind him, making it like he's an rock-star angel *blushes and glomps him*

RE: WALLPAPER ^__^ - ichi - 10-12-2007

i know the person who did that pic! its shiawase-chan. well she's a cosplayer from JAC productions. i heart her so! fave on that pic!

joy cosplayed as hello panda ninja, gunner yuna, neji (pre-timeskip), reno (gyaa!!), a PoT character, uruhara, and uhmm more....

RE: WALLPAPER ^__^ - ookami - 10-12-2007

that's right. you use to go to their site all the time. i wonder if there doing anything soon.

RE: WALLPAPER ^__^ - Sesshy - 10-12-2007

I so want to cosplay...expensive though @_@ and also hard work to make your own. I'm going to Anime Expo 2008 as well as cosplay as a punk Geshia *go me!*

RE: WALLPAPER ^__^ - Kuroshi - 10-12-2007

Allo, I dont know if this thread is too old or whatnot but if they are still available I would love to have a copy of that desktop it is truely superbly made. I am very impressed. Suge- !

RE: WALLPAPER ^__^ - Sesshy - 10-12-2007

We talk in a lot of threads, no matter how old they are hehe.

RE: WALLPAPER ^__^ - dink524 - 10-12-2007

I have a DA -_- I'm not so popular. Shiawase-chan's art rocks!