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RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - Sesshy - 12-01-2007

I know! I will make a plan to go visit over there. But I'm going to crash at your house LOL! Or get a hotel with Back-On XDD Then my evil Kenji plans shall work! *cough* do get a hug for me and tell them I love them all! <3

It's so funny when they all get drunk. Especially Kenji and Shu xD

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - Rynn - 12-02-2007

Dude they should come to A-kon!!!! >< Even though Anime Matsuri was a bit disappointing I would totally go down there for Back-On

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - The 1 N' ONLY Meji X - 12-03-2007

hey ppl haven't been on for a while now. if they do come back to anime matsuri 08' im definitely getting a hotel room which i am 100% and i will be 21 by then so woooo! who wants to room with me, i know ichi and ookami would want to ><

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - Alacrana - 12-03-2007

If they come back here ANYWHERE, I will be THERE!! >_< That's one good thing about being an adult. I can go wherever the hell I want to for whatever reason I want to. If I want to go to freakin' Virginia to see a Japanese band, no one can tell me no!

...I'd like it better if they went back to Texas though. Yeah, A-kon would be good. I went to a couple of A-kons back in the day. Not bad.

And I will so grope them. Well. Not "them." I will grope Teeda. You just watch. I will grab his butt. I'll be all, "Sorry, I'm Security. Just checking for weapons. Terrorists, you know."

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - ichi - 12-03-2007

roflmao!! Lmfao checking for weapons!! thats brilliant!!!!

a-kon ish too far for moi. the 'rents would never let me go. *another reason why it sucks being underaged!*

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - ookami - 12-03-2007

*shakes with laughter* Teeda a terrorist? Hey you never know. He *does* terrorize us whenever he jumps into the crowd. What if he has something planted on him that allows fangirls other than us to take him? We might even have to do a full body cavity search (or whatever you call them). XD

Is def. going to volunteer for AM '08. I told my mom I wanted to do it *plus* the con itself would be free (once I get my money back in the end). I just have to sign up and be an angel until I'm at the hotel itself. Then I'll be me again! >.<

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - ichi - 12-04-2007

im seriously considering volunteering for AM but idk if i can volunteer that much hours! *takes a look at their website*

Download Volunteer Form here. Please email the completed form to volunteers(at)

1. Volunteer Benefits (minimum 16 Hours)

1.Full Weekend Badge
2.Private activities before, during, and after AM reserved for volunteers and staff
3.Volunteer or Safety Shirt
4.Access to “Volunteer Lounge” where they can rest in between or after shifts or leave their personal belongings in during their shifts

Benefits for 24 Hour Volunteers:

1.Crash Space from Thursday-Sunday
2.AM Apparel that dignifies them as a 24 hour volunteer
3.One meal per day
4.A volunteer area reserved for the 24 hour volunteers at the main event

2. Requirements

1.Minimum age of 16
2.Must fulfill hour requirements and report in a timely manner to their shifts (unless previously notifying their department heads ahead of time) in risk of losing their badges
3.Willingness to take orders from their own department heads as well as other department heads
4.Abiding to all staff rules and having common courtesy when dealing with attendees and fellow volunteers
For more info contact Marc Pedregosa at, or pm Initial M on

waii! i so wanna volunteer now. especially that the con prereg for group passes is 30 T.T so volunteering would be so nice!! itsh free!! yatta!!!

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - Sesshy - 12-04-2007

I feel very left out. Damn you Texas people! *shakes fist*

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - Alacrana - 12-04-2007

's okay, I'm not in Texas anymore. =\ I'd offer to pick up anyone on the way from Colorado, or near there, for a Texas con, but not many people.. or many parents, for that matter.. want to have their kids sitting for hours in a car with a practical stranger. XD

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - Sesshy - 12-04-2007

I have a family living there. They live in Mission, Texas. I'm the ONLY person in my family who listens to Asian music. I feel so special. I do have family members who likes watching anime, but not so into it to go to a anime convention. That's one of things I don't like in the family. Same goes for my friends, none are into anime so I'm like keeping that to myself lol.

You can pick me up from California! XD