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RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - ichi - 11-30-2007

i wasnt really *bawling*.... it was more like, silent tears of joy.

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - ookami - 11-30-2007

it still made Kenji wink at you. It *was* funny tho. XD

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - Sesshy - 11-30-2007

*cracks up* I remember Ichiban telling me her experience seeing Back-On.

Kenji smelt like smoke? I'm giving him a triple whip then for that too....but then it might turn him on more and wanting more whipping >>;; But no one can banned me! I'm a true fangirl and no one can stop me! Not even the president of the United States... OF AMERICA! *fireworks shoots out as our flag is in the background, waving smoothing through the wind*

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - Alacrana - 11-30-2007

I'm so jealous. ;_; I want to feel Teeda's softness. And um.. anything else he'd let me feel.

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - ookami - 12-01-2007

*immediately stops brain from drifting too far*.....heh heh heh....*too late* Speaking of feeling up the band members, does anyone know if and when they're coming back to Houston? I kinda screwed up my chances to get to know them last time (stupid stomach) so I wanna try again. Sweatdrop

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - ichi - 12-01-2007

wat does "feeling up the band" have anything to do with them coming back?

lol! bad alacrana! my mind started drifting towards *inappropriate* things!

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - Sesshy - 12-01-2007

I think Soundy said that they're coming back to your guys convention in 2008 again. I'm currently requesting Anime Expo to get them here so I can have a chance to see them!

Shame on you guys! How many times do I have to tell you?! KEEP IT PG-13! Like me! >>;;;;

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - ichi - 12-01-2007

holy crap realleh?? they're coming back to Anime Matsuri for 08? dear jesus im so volunteering!!! im going to beg my parents so i can be a 24 hour volunteer for the con. mwuahahahahhaaaaa!! that'll be so awesome!!! back-on rox!!!!

keep it pg 13? w/e girl!! ur the one who keeps tlking about whipping kenji! u mustnt!! it might scar his beautifully smooth skin! 99% of japanese entertainers smoke. i think every member in back-on smoke... teeda, gori, and shu for sure... dunno about kenji and icchan...

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - Sesshy - 12-01-2007

I THINK! I do remember Anime Matasuri commenting on Back-On saying: See you in 08'.....I'm not 100% sure though! So don't get too excited now! XD I wish I can go so I can see all of you guys and them! But if they do go, my partner in crime shall get Kenji for me -_^

O.o LIES! <<;;; I won't do such thing! >>;;;; I haven't seen Icchan or Kenji smoke...I do know this, they all love to drink lmao. And hamburgers!

RE: BACK-ON FUN SURVEY!!!! - ichi - 12-01-2007

ehhh!! u and tsubame should make a trip to texas if they do come back for AM 08. it'll be fun! but if u cant and back-on do come back i'll make sure i get a hug for u!!

they definitely do love the alcohol. and the burger!!! yeahh!!