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BACK-ON's Family - ichi - 05-09-2007

Those who know anything about kenji03, teeda, shu, gori, or icchan's family or background please share what you know here! all info posted will be greatly appreciated =D

RE: BACK-ON's Family - Flick - 05-09-2007

It has been posted before, but "A"-Proud (pronounced Ace-proud) of GFS is kenji03's older brother ^^

Good thread!

RE: BACK-ON's Family - max doe - 05-09-2007

I wish I could help you on that. I guess I would have to ask Teeda when I sneak in his house at night.Tongue

RE: BACK-ON's Family - SOUND_EX - 05-09-2007

i know stuff but i rather not disclose it. i was told while they were drunk so i dont know how much he truely wants leaked out

RE: BACK-ON's Family - ookami - 05-09-2007

LOL. But that's the good stuff. No one ever says anything worthy while they're sober.

max: >_>....*resists urge to run there first*

RE: BACK-ON's Family - max doe - 05-10-2007

ookami Wrote:max: >_>....*resists urge to run there first*

Is stalking illegal in Japan? I mean following Teeda around isn't consider stalking, right? It's just watching his every move, it's not really harming anybody, right?Rolleyes

RE: BACK-ON's Family - ichi - 05-10-2007

ofcorz not. though i will call the cops on u if u dont take me along to stalk kenji03 =D

RE: BACK-ON's Family - sowon - 05-10-2007

Oh Ichi, *she really open this thread* ;;;:: xd !! ^_____^ nice job let's follow Kenji03 and Icchan first to know more about them-

RE: BACK-ON's Family - sowon - 05-10-2007

Oh Ichi, *she really open this thread* ;;;:: xd !! ^_____^ nice job.
let's follow Kenji03 ..ano..*I'm sorry ichi* we should let.. Ichi follow Kenji03 for a year. It will be dangerous for his family - Ichi as bodyguard - :p

RE: BACK-ON's Family - SOUND_EX - 05-10-2007

Well i can ask Teeda if he minds me telling.