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What I take pride in - justwisted - 05-04-2007

Do you know what I take pride in? I have successfully converted 4 of my buddies in fans of Back-On....

How? My buddies came over last night some beers after a game of soccer. Now I haven't been home since the 9 am because of work but a package was on by my door and it was stuff I order from play-asia. I open it and 2 of the 4 cds I ordered arrived (the other 2 just go sent out an email from them). My buddies saw it and said what did I order and so I showed them. It was New World and Baby Rock that came in....

At first they kinda laughed Sweatdrop and said I'm always into the Japanese stuff but were curious to what they sounded like. So what do I do? I pop in New World and put it onto the first track I heard from them and my buddies jaws literally dropped. They said they couldn't understand the Japanese parts and wished they could but they know what they liked. They said you feel it all the way to your bone.

They reason why they wanted to hear it because I have good track record when digging up in unknown bands that they would like.

Now what are they doing? Trying to get their own copies of the cds.....Thumbup

RE: What I take pride in - Riliont - 05-04-2007

rofl that is greatThumbup, i wish i could get my friends into Back-On

RE: What I take pride in - ichi - 05-04-2007

i applaud u justwisted!! i have successfully converted a lot of ppl into back-on but they have not reached rabid fans yet but dont worry i am nurturing them really well with stories in what happened during the concert. its such an achievement. gawd.. alot of back-on songs are soo good that they give you goosebumps, such as new world. yup jaw dropping songs. WAY TO GO!!! spread the back-on love!

RE: What I take pride in - Flick - 05-04-2007

Now *that* is amazing, justwisted! Big Grin Just converting one or two friends is pretty good, but 4 at once must be a record! Smile Kudos to you! Hehe... Back-on's music obviously speaks for itself as it transcends the language barrier!
Play-asia or Yesasia both rock! ^^

Great job, justwisted Big Grin

RE: What I take pride in - ookami - 05-04-2007

LOL. I wish my family was like that. I start singing something in japanese, and they start trying to send me to an asylum.

RE: What I take pride in - ichi - 05-04-2007

maybe u can get them to join the forum? the more the merrier!

RE: What I take pride in - ookami - 05-04-2007

>_> you forget, i'm black. all (and i mean ALL) of my family members are ghetto. They either don't know how to use the internet (and bug the hell outta me when they do "how do you this" "how do you that" grr) or they're teenagers who think i'm weird for liking something that's not fifty cent or tupac. This is why i hate going to family reunions. No one to really talk to.

RE: What I take pride in - ichi - 05-04-2007

ookami: asian in the inside, black on the outside. which is why i love her too much! she's her own race =D

RE: What I take pride in - ookami - 05-04-2007

thanks d=(^_^)=b

RE: What I take pride in - sowon - 05-04-2007

lol I love too many things such as Idian*girls* and music - japanese music -african music .. where I come from ?