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Recent manga - Flick - 04-09-2014

I have been following:
a little dark in some places for 1 and 3, but so good! Smile Beelzebub has been entertaining too, although a recent surprise for me has been Waratte Sotomura-san - poor girl is just so misunderstood haha Smile

RE: Recent manga - ShadowChao94 - 04-09-2014

Ooh, I haven't read manga in years, I only just recently started getting back into reading, dark kinda sounds like its right up my alley tho lol.

RE: Recent manga - Flick - 04-09-2014

Haha ;D It's not that dark but I am scared of things like zombies so err... that's probably why. I think though that its sometimes to do with the darkness of the human heart even though our protagonists are the ones that have to discover all of this.

RE: Recent manga - ShadowChao94 - 04-10-2014

Well, that made it sound more interesting.

RE: Recent manga - Flick - 05-22-2014

Just wanted to recommend this new manga I found... great story line and a heroine who isn't just pretty as she's also smart as well! Smile

Chang Ge Xing