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Burst Method interviews BACK-ON (at Anime USA 2013) - Flick - 03-11-2014

Great interview imho and these are the highlights (from one watch so subject to correction) have included the names of the band members who replied (with notes):
  • How did the name BACK-ON come about? (TEEDA)
  • What are your feelings about coming back to the US to perform? (KENJI03)
  • What made you become musicians in the first place? (KENJI03, TEEDA, SHU, GORI)
  • Where do you get your inspiration from? (KENJI03) Movies, but a lot from day-to-day things and interactions with fans
  • KENJI03 and TEEDA are both MCs. Do you find it difficult to be in-sync on stage? (KENJI03, TEEDA)
  • How are you able to make so many genres your own? Collaborative process or does one person take the band in one direction? (KENJI03) -- group effort
  • TEEDA handles the artwork for the band? (TEEDA) Only when they were an indie band.
  • Artist collaboration - your favourite memory? (TEEDA) -- KALIS and Emyli [international collaboration]
  • What do you consider to be one of your greatest accomplishments? (TEEDA/KENJI03) -- All their work in the last 10 years and the fact they are in America performing because of their efforts
  • How do you think your music has evolved since you began playing together (10 years)? (KENJI03) -- Basic category is still there but they have absorbed different genre along the way. Skills have definitely improved overtime but their music has always been quite eclectic.
  • Would you like to release a US version of your album for fans? (TEEDA) -- flyaway - offer to do a US version but it didn't work out. He wrote the lyrics in English for the American fans as well.
  • Online presence - Twitter/blogging - why is this important? (KENJI03) --important to connect with fans, particularly those from abroad as its easy to only engage with local fans.
  • What hopes do you have for the future of BACK-ON and where do you see yourself heading? (KENJI03) -- They don't know what's going to happen but he's sure they will still be doing what they're doing. All uncertain.
  • Is there anything you would like to say to your (American) fans? (KENJI03) -- Happy to be back at Anime USA, would like to come back again and they will get to do US releases in the future. They will also be at PMX in November.

RE: Burst Method interviews BACK-ON (at Anime USA 2013) - reghrhre - 03-16-2014

Yeah, I loved the interview too, and it was really nice to get info on some of the topics that were talked about, especially Teeda's reason for becoming a singer heheh. Tongue

RE: Burst Method interviews BACK-ON (at Anime USA 2013) - Flick - 03-17-2014

Glad you liked it too, reg Smile Hopefully will be able to get around to doing a full transcript (if anyone fancies pitching in I wouldn't say no :p)

It makes me want to interview them now haha using our massive repository of questions Smile esp. who they would like to collaborate with (perhaps individually) in the nxt 12 months.