Forthcoming Site CMS Upgrade

Hope everyone has enjoyed watching the Beijing 2008 Olympics! :) I watched the entire closing ceremony (with some sadness) and was quite impressed by some of the performances, even though I was completely bowled-over by the opening ceremony. Now that the Olympics are coming to London, there’s so much to look forward to – I can hardly wait! :)

Back to the original topic of this post: as you maybe aware, BOO uses the excellent WordPress as our Content Management System (CMS) It’s fast, open source, and incredibly easy to use.

Kenji03's puppy
Kenji03’s new puppy?

In the past few months, WordPress have released 2 major versions of the system, each sporting new features (one or two not quite as welcome) and lots of optimised code. In the interests of stability (and bug problems) we haven’t upgraded at all, but as we are falling quite far behind in terms of functionality as a result, now seems like a good time to upgrade the entire site, especially after our successful upgrade of the BOO Forums just last week.

This will be a little more complicated though, as the site itself uses around 15 plugins to add extra features (such as the Polls) and this means that it will be done in phases:

  1. Upgrade core database – this appears to a straight-forward process which involves upgrading the database to match 2.5/6. Tested locally so am 95% sure it will go right first time.
  2. Upgrade/check plugins – a lot more time consuming given the number of plugins used on this site, and it is usually quite important to follow upgrade instructions. This means certain areas of the site may not function as normal.
  3. Revamp Site Theme – this would normally qualify as quite a minor phase, but as we are jumping 2 WordPress versions, there is still a chance that bugs might popup.
  4. Final check – although almost all the 3 phases above require feedback from yourselves (seriously, any comments or emails about things that aren’t working right will mean a lot to me) this phase will ensure that the entire site is operating as well as it can be post-upgrade.

Hope to hear back from everyone about your thoughts on the site revamp during the course of the upgrade, and right at the end too! :) The first phase will start this week, so if you notice the site going down or just a maintenance page on display, please check back again.

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