Footage of BACK-ON’s Anime Matsuri Concert by Anime Access!

The news of this fantastic video, featuring a quick interview of Back-on and also their full concert rendition of Chain, comes courtesy of both Akari and also Ichiban!

You can watch the video by visiting The Anime Network at:

Update 27th June 2009: As the video is no longer available at the original link above, we have decided to upload the clips relating to BACK-ON to our Youtube account. You can watch the video below or by visiting this link:

but if you want to take a peek at the contents, we’ve taken a few screenshots from the video of scenes with Back-on. Take a look below (there are 12)!

Anime Access 1 Anime Access 2

Anime Access 3 Anime Access 4

Anime Access 5 Anime Access 6

Anime Access 7 Anime Access 8

Anime Access 9 Anime Access 10

Anime Access 11 Anime Access 12

Teeda is alittle cheeky during the interview ( :D) but it is a really great clip to watch, as they’re all smiling at one point or another, and we also get to watch their full performance of Chain! Thanks Akari and Ichiban!

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