First ever English interview with Back-on by JaME

I was so excited about this interview (which was posted just yesterday – May 9th 2007) that I decided to put my lab report aside (amongst other things that Sowon is so patient with) and tell everyone about it! :)

JaME Interview - Screenshot Thumb

In what I believe to be Back-on‘s first English interview article entitled USA turns it BACK-ON, Cynthia of JaME (JMusicEuropa) asks the band a selection of interesting and investigative questions that really do open my eyes to how the band thinks, as well as reveal some intriguing facts about the band, such as the tidbit that their favourite performance song is Chain. Some of my favourite Q&As are included below:

Q: Who are the main lyricist and songwriter of the band? How are the two developed?

A: TEEDA: We basically all work together. SHU, GORI, and ICCHAN come up with the music; they’re the first building blocks. Then KENJI03 and I come up with our own lyrics that we sing. After the lyrics are added, all of us come together as a band and listen to what we’ve come up with to make suggestions and changes.

Shu adds later on in the interview that for shows such as Tokyo Mayokara and Eyeshield 21:

SHU: We usually try to create the music based on the visual image that we see, so the viewer can connect both the song and show. We try to interlink the music with the show, so that way the listener can visualize what he or she saw in the show by remembering an episode or scene. Since the visual was already created for the audience, what we’re trying to do as artists is create the sound side.

And this is how Teeda learnt his English:

Q: TEEDA, you speak a lot of English slang and also have slang written in your lyrics; where did you learn this?

A: TEEDA: When I was in high school, my father knew an American family that lived in the neighborhood. I was able to visit them often and stayed over from time to time, so I learned English from my father’s friends’ children. When I put slang into the lyrics I ask my friend, Matthew, if they sound alright. He’s not related to those friends I had from my childhood days.

One of the main reasons I love this article is because we also get to find out what inspires Gori and Shu, since it’s quite difficult to find anything other than factual information about them. Alas, Icchan doesn’t say much during the interview (according to Gori, he’s shy :D awww…) but we do get to find out how he joined Back-on (in October 2006):

ICCHAN: I was introduced to the band from mutual friends of the original BACK-ON members of other local and active indie bands.

USA turns it BACK-ON also solves the puzzle behind Kenji03‘s name, an FAQ of quite a few Back-on fans (you know who you are ^^):

KENJI03: Everyone has their unique name, but Kenji is very typical, so I wanted to add a little tweak to the name. And since BACK-ON is from Tokyo and Tokyo’s area code is 03, I added 03 to my name.
TEEDA: KENJI-TOKYO. (everyone laughs.)
KENJI03: It could also be read as KENJIO-SAN. (again everyone laughs.)

There is plenty to read that hasn’t been included here, so do read the article! The actual interview was conducted on the last day of Anime Matsuri in a room with comfy-looking sofas! I know this, and you will too, because Cynthia has kindly included photos of the band taken during the interview.

JaME - Comfy Sofas!

Which reminds me, on another (mostly unrelated) note, JaME have also published a brand new picture for Back-on‘s profile, which you can see below, courtesy of JaME.

Every single band member has a brand new hair style, with Teeda sporting the biggest change from his previously braided locks! Icchan has a rather devilish look (imho! I’m willing to be corrected here :D) which I do like (although by all accounts, he’s really a sweetie! Just ask Koutarou!), although my favourite in this picture has to be Gori (who has the cutest smile in their recent interview with Soundex).

Back-on's profile picture on JaME

So, a big thanks to Cynthia and JaME (JMusicEuropa) for interviewing Back-on and publishing such a great article! Please do show them your support by commenting directly on their Back-on Interview Comments Thread, you’ll have to register, but I think it’s worth it!

p/s: A big thanks must be given to xiijelly as well! :)