Download the ED version of A day dreaming… and torrent file for Eyeshield 21 Episode 101

With thanks to the anime group [S^M] (I haven’t been able to find their website) we’ve just been able to get hold of Eyeshield 21, Episode 101 RAW, featuring Back-on‘s A day dreaming… as the ending theme.

My first impression of the song is that it is indeed mellow and very chilled out. Definitely a summer tune suitable for roadtripping! Those expecting a New World, Chain or Hikari Sasuhou from A day dreaming…will instead be pleasantly surprised to find that the song is more similar to ~feel~ from Baby Rock, or そのままで (Sono mama de) from Adachi Tribe. The ED is only 1:15 min in length but I would be interested in finding out what you all think about the new song?

A day dreaming… ED version (2.12 MB, Zipped)

Eyeshield 21 ED - BACK-ON - A day dreaming... (1663 downloads)

There isn’t a Youtube version of the episode available yet, but in the meantime, if you want to watch the raw version, the [S^M] file is a 206mbs .avi file.  You can find the download for the torrent below:

[S^M] Eyeshield 21 101 RAW.avi.torrent

In the meantime, we’ll continue our search for an online version of the ending credits so that those who prefer not to use torrent will be able to watch the ending credits online . :)

Lastly…17 more days till Anime Matsuri! Back-on are set to perform in the 3600-capacity Room of Ages, so make sure you get there early! You can find out more information about the concert on the MashHarder Forums.

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