Download Hikari Sasuhou (Survive ver.) and Grab this week!

Thank you all for your patience! :D Sorry about the slight delay (due to revision/exams) – I promised in the previous post, which introduced the Survive compilation, that Back-on Online would provide Hikari Sasuhou (Survive ver.) and Grab for download. A big thanks to those who made an effort to show their support by posting comments on the Music page!

Survive - Compilation - Cover

So without further ado:

Hikari Sasuhou [Survive ver.] (8.76 MB, Zipped)

(9.59 MB, Zipped)

[download#17#image] [download#16#image]
Update 27.06.07: files are no longer available for download.

Hope you all enjoy the songs! :) They will be available for this week (until June 22nd 2007 ) and then become part of the monthly download rotation as usual. Don’t forget to vote for your most-wanted songs!

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