Brand New Back-on Profile Pictures!

I must have over-looked these new profile pictures for Back-on band members when writing up the previous news post about the new It’s better late than never, ne? :) There isn’t really too much to say as these photos are part of the range of photos promoting BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming…, so please just enjoy (the eye candy) below!

Teeda's new profile picture Kenji03's new profile picture!
Gori's new profile picture! Shu's new profile picture! Icchan's new profile picture!

I’m a big fan of Gori and Icchan‘s new look(s), and Kenji03 reminds me of Gackt or someone like that. ^^ It would be interesting to know what other people thought though!

And, just for contrast, you can compare their new pictures with their previous photos below:

Teeda's old profile picture Kenji03's old profile picture
Gori's old profile picture Shu's old profile picture! Icchan's old profile picture

Finally, visitor feedback is always welcome, and today, I’m putting out a special request for people to vote for which profile photos Back-on Online should use for the Band Members information page. Please vote and let us know below!

Should we use the old or new profile pictures for the Band Members page?

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