BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming… single released today!

BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming… is out today! The single cover featuring Teeda is shown below and clicking on it will take you to an even larger picture in the Gallery.

BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming... cover

The tracklisting includes:

  2. a day dreaming…
  3. EYES

where the first two songs are the OP AND ED (respectively) of the anime, Eyeshield 21. With reference to the interview featured in the most recent issue of pam! magazine, although the two songs are very different musical styles, they both convey the same message of:

honest “feelings of gratitude (appreciation) that are usually forgotten”

The collective thoughts of Back-on at the time were about acknowledging the people who have helped them to get where they are now, including family and friends as well as the band management team from Japan. In addition, they have also extended their thanks to the people from Houston, Texas during their trip to America for Anime Matsuri.

This is evident in their latest PVs for the single, especially in a day dreaming…, where the ending credits in particular for the ‘extended’ version features a running list of thanks as well as specially recorded video messages!

Back-on BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming... promotional picture

In BLAZE LINE, we get to see more footage from Anime Matsuri, where the main part of the video is the live performance of the song itself! For a bit of a previously unknown trivia, both PVs have been directed by Kats Mori, who also directed the promotional videos for Gaku-Ten, Flydom and New World.

So where can you buy this single? I can easily recommend the online shops below (each link will take you to the info page for the single) particularly Play-asia and Yesasia as they offer more competitive shipping rates for international buyers:

If you have the fortune to be living in Japan, according to Back-on‘s official blog, the CDs were delivered to the stores yesterday to prepare for today’s release. The author (one of Back-on‘s management team) actually paid a visit to the Tsutaya and Hmv store near Shibuya Station, and listened to Back-on‘s music on the sample music kiosks (an example is provided below).

A sample of an HMV Shibuya music kiosk from

Alas, I still have to wait for mine to be delivered from and can hardly wait! :) I will definitely take some photos so please check back for further updates! Hope you are as excited about the release as I am!