BACK-ON’s new single “TELL ME” due out on 19th January 2011!

After a very quiet 2010 in terms of new releases, BACK-ON have announced that their new two-track single “TELL ME” will be released on 19th January 2011!

The single will cost ¥ 1050 and has two songs on the tracklisting: TELL ME and Discovery; according to the news release, the title track “TELL ME” will be featured on Happy Music, the Nihon-TV music variety program, in January 2011.

Fans who frequent BACK-ON’s Myspace may also recall that you can actually listen to the full version of Discovery on their Myspace!

The CD cover was announced today on BACK-ON‘s Official Twitter account and we will try and keep you posted about any new developments here on BOO as well particularly via the Discography section.

Are you excited? I know I am! :) Feel free to post your thoughts here or on our discussion topic on the Forums, set up by ChaosRaiden.

p/s: This won’t be BACK-ON‘s only release for 2011 – they have already announced that the next single “with you feat.Me” will be out on 9th February 2011! We’ll let you know more about that single in our next post.

p/s2: In case anyone missed it earlier in this post: BACK-ON now have an official Twitter account! Don’t forget to follow them for the latest news if you use Twitter!

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