BACK-ON’s new single “flyaway” due out on January 28th 2009!

Hot on the heels of BACK-ON‘s newest release – their first ever full length album YES!!! – we now have news that their next single is due out in just over 2 months on January 28th 2009! :)

Although there is no hint of this on their website, the news is official, as it was included on an informational flyer with YES!!! It was quite a surprise when this small sheet of paper came fluttering out as I unfolded the CD insert, and you can see for yourself what I saw:

At that moment, I actually quite *forgot* that I was meant to be excited about YES!!! and jumped around for this instead. If you can read a bit of Katakana or are feeling resourceful enough to find one of those helpful pronunciation tables on Google Images, the blurb at the bottom of the leaflet says something like:

Bandai Namco game: Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2‘s theme song “flyaway” is the title track of the 3 song (single)…

This could be better translated (please let us know in the comments or by email!) but interestingly, aside from the fact that the single will be released just a day before the actual game, like other subscribers of CDJapan’s Artist Newsmail list for BACK-ON, I received an Artist Update email listing TWO different editions of the CD. One is known as flyaway [Jacket A] and the other flyaway [Limited Pressing/Jacket B]!

For an extra 200 yen, flyaway [Limited Pressing/Jacket B] supposedly offers the magical world of First Press, which is defined by CDJapan to be:

a sticker, serial number for cell-phone ringtone and standby screen (valid only in Japan.)

for people lucky early enough to order the first batch of CDs. Now, the BACK-ON fangirl in me screams “HOLY ZOMG First Press FTW!” but from my limited experience of owning two different editions of Chain (one of my favourite singles by far by the way) if you do decide to pre-order flyaway, it will probably NOT be the end of the world if you receive flyaway [Jacket A] instead.

Besides, it’s still too early to make that decision yet imho, as we don’t even know what the CD cover looks like, but please do continue checking back here for more updates as January 28th 2009 draws nearer! In the meantime, I’ll leave you with news of what is to come:

  • Fan reviews of YES!!! – 4 members of our Fan Forums have kindly volunteered to write a review of BACK-ON‘s first full length album, which we will be featuring on the site very soon!
  • Random tidbits – Bits and pieces of news that we’ve meant to tell you about but haven’t quite got round to it; this includes multimedia and even a remix of Taneuma!

Last but not least, we would like to congratulate Sesshy on becoming Head Admin of Sound-Ex! You can also check out her newest wallpaper for YES!!! on our forums here, which looks professional enough to be an official promotional poster!

Sound-Ex will be launching a brand new layout for YES!!! very soon, so don’t forget to visit them as it is always worth it, although another site that you might like to visit whilst waiting might be the Facebook BACK-ON Fan Group run by Laura; there are currently 74 members and is quite a friendly community!